Episode 2.35 – Year in Review

This is the the thirty-fifth and final episode of the second season of Write Right. It’s been a wonderful, strange, difficult, and expansive year. The podcasters talk about their years in writing, reading, working, and living. The next season of Write Right begins in the new year! Many thanks to each and every listener who gave our program their time. We hope to make the next year of writerly chats even better.

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Episode 2.34 – NaNoWriMo Accountability Check-In

Oh dear. Here we go. Not too long ago, we talked about NaNoWriMo, that magical, stressful month where hundreds of thousands of writers around the world go wild. How did our collective Novembers go? Did we win?

No. We didn’t win.

But you know what? That’s okay.





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Episode 2.33 – The Evil Day Job

The great and terrible evil of the day job is this episode’s topic, and while the initial intent of the episode was to talk about how we balance our day jobs with our writing endeavors, the episode took a turn for the philosophical, as they seem to do when Elan is let loose upon the world. We hope you enjoy the episode!


  • If you are unable to write when you want to, try to figure out why. When you identify that, think of ways to change your day around to accomodate your desire to write.
  • Also, be kind to yourself.

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Episode 2.32 – To NaNo or Not to NaNo

Elan tells a tiny lie at the episode’s opening, but once that fib’s behind the crew, they dig into talking about NaNoWriMo. We’ve been NaNoRebels, NaNoLameOs, and NaNoJudgeMos when the need struck us, and for better or worse, we’re all NaNo adjacent. The conversation moves somewhat far afield of the initial topic (as it tends to do), but we hope that, whether you NaNo or No, you find the episode—and the entire month of November—inspiring and positive.



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Episode 2.31 – X-Thousand Words a Day

We have talked extensively about daily writing, techniques for achieving it, and the ostensible benefits of it. Let’s take a step back and discuss what it’s like in the trenches of daily writing, the frustrations that may arise, and the methods we use to keep ourselves on task.


Track your daily word counts, whether you write or not. Also, take note of the context in which you were most (and least) productive. How were you feeling? What was work like that day? What kind of music were you listening to?



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Episode 2.30 – Fractal Outlining

When John mentioned the term “Fractal Outlining” several episodes ago, Elan’s mind exploded. Because he still hasn’t recovered, the Write Right crew was gracious enough to dedicate a full episode to the topic, wherein Elan will pepper John with questions about it.



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Episode 2.29 – Worldcon and Writing Excuses

From July 28th through August 15th, Elan was away, on both the Writing Excuses Cruise and in Finland for Worldcon 75. In this episode, Elan talks about his experience and John and Craig do all the question-asking!


Use a story element randomizer (or story cubes/story dice) to write two 250-word short stories. Set a time limit for yourself when writing them.

Options for story randomizers:


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Episode 2.28 – The Other 70% of the Iceberg

There’s a well-known adage in genre fiction, whereby worldbuilding is like an iceberg. You only see the 30% that is above the surface, but you build the entire thing, and that other 70% is what makes your world feel real. This isn’t a universally held belief, however. How much of the iceberg to you build when you write?




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Episode 2.27 – Our Toolboxes

Pen and paper. Word. Scrivener. Ulysses. Aeon Timeline. Notecards, voice recorders, lap-desks and more! What are the tools you use to write? (Spoiler alert: we love Scrivener)

Apps and tools we discussed in the episode:




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Episode 2.26 – Strategies for Daily Practice

Writing every day isn’t for everyone, but most people want to build a daily practice. But it’s a difficult thing to do; forming any kind of habit is hard. How do you make sure that you write every day? How do you motivate and schedule yourself?





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