Episode 3.14 – On Self Care

In a world as overwhelming as ours is, what does self-care look like? What is “escape,” and how does it compare? How do you balance self-care with remaining connected and productive?

Episode recommendation: Visit Tara Brach’s website at www.tarabrach.com for some excellent guided meditations. Her meditations are also available on the Insight Timer app.


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Episode 3.13 – Returning after a long absence

Attentive listeners may have noticed that we disappeared for three months. What happened? What do we do, as writers, when life gets in the way and we finally decide/have time to return? How do we reintegrate into our own lives? How do we catch up on everything?

Episode recommendation: Try John’s sticky note method, wherein you make a small list of which things you’d like to get done on a given day, and try to figure out how to align your chosen tasks/goals with 20-25 minute blocks of time, giving yourself time to rest.


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Episode 3.4 – Can there be too much “new” energy?

Starting a new story can be an intoxicating thing. It’s my greatest strength as a writer, and that’s why I have so, so many stories on the backburner. At a certain point, there’s got to be a limit to how much “new” energy for writing is positive…doesn’t there? How do we know the difference between a shiny new idea and a true gem? How do we balance between our projects? How do we deal with “want to write” versus “am writing”?


Start an idea farm.


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